Clan Wars - Release!

Hey there everyone, good news! After lots of trial and error we’ve finished out next addition to CodeUSA RSPS: Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a minigame, available to both free players and members, which is located in the Gamers’ Grotto.

Clan Wars allows members of two opposing Guilds  (formerly referred to as Clan Chat channels), consisting of up to one-hundred players each, to engage in plaver-versus-player combat against one another.

Like most new releases there might be some bugs, so we ask you report them to us so we can get them taken care of right away. This update applies to both realms. So please let us know if anything needs to be fixed.

Active areans are currently:

  • Clan Wars Classic

  • Plateau

  • Forsaken Quarry

  • Blasted Forest

Turrets will become available soon.


  • Viewing Orbs
  • Callers
  • Record a Match - Only supported in high end machines

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Thank you for your continued support,

Codeusa Software.

We here at Codeusa Software have found ourselves enjoying one game far to much

Just Cause 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios

The player is free to roam the game’s open world, not having to focus on the game’s storyline. Progress in the game is measured with Chaos, which is earned by completing missions, destroying government property, collecting items for the factions and reaching 100%completion in settlements and military bases. Chaos unlocks new agency missions and stronghold takeovers. Chaos and stronghold takeovers expand the factions’ area of influence, which unlocks faction missions and race challenges.The artificial intelligence uses a planning system which enables enemies to perform various actions. Enemies can use the environment to their advantage, taking cover behind objects and adapting to the objects around them. Additional elements include vertical gameplay using a grappling hook and parachuting maneuvers and also manual aiming system.There is also a real-time deformation system and individual components can come loose from vehicles.While this game is not free it can be purchased on steam rather cheap: and will be even cheaper during the upcoming winter sell.The multiplayer component is entirely free.So that brings us to the next point. The multiplayer mod is released on the 16th and having played around with aspects of it I see myself making addons and mods for it in the near future. If I was to host a server how many of you here would play it actively?